nuriootpaNuriootpa is a beautiful town located in the heart of Barossa Valley, surrounded by picturesque vineyards. This small town is a big wine producer of Barossa. In fact, it is called as a Vine town, with vines seen growing on the main streets, shops and even houses. The word Nuriootpa is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘meeting place’.

This town is home to some of the most famous wineries which include Elderton, Pensfold, Wolf Bass and Kaesler Wines. Nuriootpa is a great wine destination for tourists looking for some wine adventures.

Nuriootpa is famous for producing Australia’s finest Shiraz, but to see the region in real and to discover the actual process behind the bottling of Shiraz, you can go bicycling in the vineyards. Every style and size of bicycle can be made available for touring, ensuring your comfort. Travelling with your family or kids in the vineyards or trying grape stomping can give you a firsthand experience of wine making.

If cycling doesn’t fancy you, there is also an option of hiring a motorcycle. And if you don’t want to ride it, you can sit back and enjoy a chauffeured motorcycle trip feeling the fresh, pleasant air and the beautiful vistas of Nuriootpa. The unique blend of wine and food as well as the beautiful sunset experience makes your tour exclusive.

It’s truly said, Nuriootpa has scenic beauty and adventures to offer. The joy ride in the hot air balloon is also the feature of adventure tour. Excitement and experience in the hot air balloon is unimaginable, the calm atmosphere and picturesque vineyards adds the soothing touch to your tour. You can toast your return with sparkling wine and food of Nuriootpa.

The wine tasting rooms in the Nuriootpa are magnificent. Elderton wines are a family owned and operated winery. It’s known for its award winning Shiraz wine at international wine competition. The vineyard is dominant feature of Elderton, tasting room provides the full range of splendid and award winning wines.

Gibson winery is also specialist producer of limited range of table wines. Its fast growing wine production has brought it a recognition and reputation of complex and rich flavored wines.

Penfolds is known for its iconic luxury it offers to its visitors. Where you can enjoy and experience the most famous brands of wine specially developed for visitors. You can get in close action with “Making your own blend” or immerse yourself in the taste of variety of wines. This gives, exceptional and unique opportunity to meet with the experts and other guests.