Barossa Valley

barossa-valleyBarossa Valley is the most distinguished wine region of Australia. The valley is known for its unique beauty and renowned style of Shiraz and Riesling. The region also produces fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Semillon. The region produces half of Australia’s best wines. Riesling from the valley is known for its unique and lively characteristics.

Primarily, Barossa Valley was known for producing only red wines but after long years the region also started producing best quality white wines.Riesling is the best example of white wine that Barossa produced over the years.

The climate of the region is fairly uneven; the lower parts of the Barossa Valley are moderately warm while the high altitudes are very cool. However, the region experiences minimum temperature at night and maximum temperature at day. Bright sunshine, less rainfall and humidity makes a perfect climate for wine grapes.

Barossa Valley has two different types of soil - brown loamy clay soil and more sandy brownish to grey soil. Both are low fertile soils and are good for traditional Viticulture and for production of high quality grapes.

Barossa Valley is known for its best quality Shiraz and Riesling wine. Almost every vineyard in the region has Shiraz. The Shiraz is full bodied, rich and dark in colour with a touch of chocolate. The wine has almost exquisite taste. The other reds in the Barossa valley are the Mataro and Grenache. Grenache grape is known for its versatility, it has cherry red color and berry aroma. This makes it most favorite for making exclusive red wines. Mataro grapes is has deep dark colored and have strong aromas when it is young.

Riesling and Shiraz are famous wines of Barossa Valley. This variety is sourced outside the valley from Eden and Clare valley. The Style of Riesling is greatly influenced by the tropical fruits, Passion fruits and lime fruits.