hunter-valleyNelson is a small wine producing region in New Zealand, but still ranks eighth in the wine production. The region is full of little surprises and is known for its best quality wines. Wines of Nelson are not internationally recognized. However, in New Zealand, they have great reputation among the people. The region promotes viniculture that produces two of Nelson’s most premium wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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hunter-valleyMarlborough is known for its distinctively exquisite wines. First thing of Marlborough that comes to mind is Sauvignon Blanc of Marlborough. It is one of the finest wines which have given New Zealand new international wine standard. However, the region also produces other outstanding wines.

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barossa-valleyThe Auckland region in New Zealand is very famous for its large and diverse wine region. Auckland has large influence on the country’s wine industry. The weather in most of the region remains perfect for wine grapes and hence, it is known for producing classy wines.

Henderson, Huapai and Kumeu are the traditional wine making districts in Auckland.

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