Preparation of wine

barossa-valleyTasting New Zealand wine is a memorable experience since every glass of wine is a world of pure discovery. The popularity of Sauvignon Blanc has brought attention to the vineyards of the country. The green skinned grapes and perfect mild climate, makes it ideal for making premium quality wines in New Zealand. Sandy soil, beautiful climate and long growing season have helped to produces exclusive quality of grapes.

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Origin of Wine in Oceana

origin-of-wine-in-oceaniaOrigin of wine in New Zealand

Wine was first introduced in New Zealand during the colonial times and James Busby is known to be the first New Zealand wine producer. In 1830’s James started producing wine in the Waitangi region. By mid 1800’s the first vineyard was established in New Zealand.

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Introduction to New Zealand wine

wine-in-new-zealandNew Zealand has long been famous for its premium quality wines. The wine production in the region is highly influenced by climate, soil and water. Vineyards in New Zealand experience oceanic climate which provide perfect environment for grapes. At present, New Zealand has major vineyards widespread across the region. Northland was the first region to grow wine grapes in 1980.

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