Preparation of wine

barossa-valleyTasting New Zealand wine is a memorable experience since every glass of wine is a world of pure discovery. The popularity of Sauvignon Blanc has brought attention to the vineyards of the country. The green skinned grapes and perfect mild climate, makes it ideal for making premium quality wines in New Zealand. Sandy soil, beautiful climate and long growing season have helped to produces exclusive quality of grapes.

 New Zealand’s wine makers generally follow different techniques of wine production; traditional technique involves Viticulture. In this technique, grapes are grown in surrounding land, owned by private owner or family owned estate, which includes wine making and storing model. Another technique is European corporate model in which contract growing of grapes is indulged. Contract farming has helped the wine growers to produce premium quality wines in New Zealand.

The process of wine making includes every decision to make it unique. Preparation of wine involve most common factor of selecting of grapes for wine. Best quality of grapes will give the finest quality of wine. Factors like climate, soil and region are considered while selecting grapes for specific wines. The famous Sauvignon wine is prepared from Marlborough’s Sauvignon grapes.

The grapes selected are then crushed. Crushing is done by two means - one by mechanical steel roller and another by traditional stomping. The process of crushing is mainly removing grape skin and squeezing juice from grape. It gives the sugar best chance to mix with natural yeast. This mixture of sugar and yeast produce alcohol in wine.

The wine obtained after crushing is then fermented. During the process of fermentation, the sugar is converted into alcohol. Fermentation of red wine is generally done in steel containers, oak barrels while the formation of white wine is done only in steel tanks at low heat temperatures.

Maturation is phase in which the wine is made ready for drinking. Maturation of wine is mainly done in oak barrels or steel containers. But oak barrels are the most favorite for maturation of wine as they bring deserved flavor to wine.

Bottling and labeling is mainly the last process in wine making. To give the royal touch to Wine bottles, they are mainly capped with cork or screw caps depending upon the tradition of the bottle. Labeling is the final process in which the wine type and its history are mentioned.

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